Moluccan cockatoos (salmon-crested cockatoos) are caring birds that connect firmly along with their owners, thriving on the social communication. Moluccans are actually a cuddly bird that has a tendency to acquire adhesive sometimes. As pet dogs, they wish to be as near their human mate as they naturally will with a friend in the wild. This bird needs to have a devoted owner. This parrot sticks out from the rest as a result of their salmon-pink plumes and remarkably tinted aigrette. Their charm opponents their loud, absurd individuals.

Types Overview
COMMON NAMES: Moluccan cockatoo, salmon-crested cockatoo

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Cacatua moluccensis

GROWNUP SIZE: twenty inches

LONGEVITY: Up to 70 years

Source and also History

Moluccans distinct from the group when they develop a mating set during the course of the reproducing season. Due to habitat reduction and also holding for the dog profession, Moluccan cockatoos are a risked types. Just captive-bred birds need to be actually accessible to always keep as pets.


Sweet and also caring are actually undervalued explanations. This cockatoo enjoys to be really loved and also desires nothing at all more than someone (bird or person) to be along with at all times. As a pet dog, the Moluccan often tends to become a one-person bird.

Moluccans are actually fantastic birds that grow on obstacles. They can discover to dance and also carry out methods and also acts like an entertaining stand-up comic when in an excellent mood.

While Moluccans are actually recognized to be incredibly loving, guys might obtain vigorous as they grow older. Any sort of grouchy cockatoo can bite, which is why they are certainly not the correct dog for families with children. This bird’s highly effective beak is capable of cracking open tough nuts.

Speech and Vocalizations

Moluccans are certainly not the most ideal speaking parrot. They can simulate some audios, however lots of owners point out that it’s more like shouting than speaking. When miserable or no evident explanation, these birds are actually additionally screechers and also will certainly howl for attention. They are actually noisy, so they are actually not perfect for any person with near next-door neighbors.

Moluccan Cockatoo Colors as well as Markings

This types is quick and easy to acknowledge by the sunny pink plumes that decorate the base of its aigrette. It is actually scarcely recognizable when the plumes are flat, yet when the bird is actually excited, worried, or upset, the aigrette will elevate as well as present off its own accurate charm. Among the cockatoo types, their crest is one of the maximum, just matched due to the sunshade cockatoo.

The pop of colour on their scalps, Moluccan cockatoos are actually primarily white colored along with salmon-colored feathers on their wings as well as upper bodies. They possess a stunning light yellowish to peach different colors below their wings. Their feet and beaks are black yet typically seem grey due to the all-natural powdery down that the bird drops.

When the bird has actually grown to at least 3 years old, you can easily say to the sexual activities apart. Male cockatoos have shiners and also girls have brownish-colored eyes.

Caring for Moluccan Cockatoos

Moluccan cockatoos connection firmly with their owners. Carry out certainly not receive a Moluccan cockatoo unless you can be sure you will certainly be home most of the time with it. Look at getting two Moluccans if your way of living carries out certainly not enable for this. A pair will keep each other amused. The compromise is actually that having 2 of these energetic birds is a much more substantial commitment than one.

If you can make the bird’s residence a bird sanctuary or even a full space, your bird will be better. The cage must be capable and durable to withstand the cockatoo’s detrimental nature.

The birds make it normally to aid preen its feathers. You may anticipate a light cleaning of this grain on any kind of surface area the bird is actually near; be actually all set to well-maintained often.

Common Health Problems

Moluccan cockatoos lean to taking out their plumes or even provided bodily as well as good enough psychological activity or if their human friend performs certainly not spend enough time socializing with it.

Other conditions located in cockatoos include psittacine beak as well as plume disease (PBFD), fatty liver disease, as well as being overweight. If you monitor fatty tissue consumption and also maintain it low, you may curb the risk of weight-related sickness.

Diet regimen and also Nutrition

In bush, Moluccans consume seeds, almonds, bugs, and fruits. Like all participants of the cockatoo family members, Moluccans may go through health problems if they acquire a lot of body weight. Since Moluccans are certainly not obtaining as a lot physical exercise as they would if they were in the wild, managers need to make sure these birds receive a well-balanced diet regimen and cut down on high-fat meals like seeds.

A made pellet diet need to compose 75 per-cent of its own meals resource. The other 25 per-cent ought to be bird-safe vegetables and fruits, like fruits, apples, carrots, and cabbage. Thoroughly wash veggies and fruits to protect your bird against pesticides and also bacteria.

To begin, supply roughly 1/4 mug of created diet plan and 1/4 cup of fresh vegetables and fruits daily. If the bird consumes all of its own meals, incorporate small amounts as wanted. Alleviates such as seeds, nuts, as well as table foods items may be actually given up small quantities, especially as perks once and for all behavior. Never ever nourish birds avocados or chocolate, as these foods items are actually poisonous to them.


Moluccan cockatoos are actually an active bird. They require lots of physical exercise to maintain their bodily as well as mental wellness. Let your bird play and flex its own muscular tissues. Give it in between three as well as four hours outside the crate daily. It does not need to be in one lengthy extent.

Mark the bird’s out-of-cage attend a secure, encased location where your bird won’t harm itself or even escape coming from the house. You can additionally play to its own seeking intuition as well as hide meals as an activity. The bird will definitely appreciate the challenge.

Bird toys deter this unnecessary habits, though the bird will go by means of them promptly. As soon as a toy stops being actually exciting to the bird, transform it out.

Where to Buy or Adopt a Moluccan Cockatoo

If you are interested in receiving one of these birds, call nearby dog breeders to find if you can easily invest time with the types. Young, hand-trained cockatoos balance concerning $3,000 to $4,000.

Describe your way of living and also review if they believe this bird is a really good fit for you. It’s constantly far better to examine out a bird in allowance and also choose versus adoption than to take one home as well as come to be overloaded.

Birds Now
Rescue the Birds
Embrace a Pet

Sadly, this species has a really high abandonment rate considering that they perform demand much more focus than individuals believe. It’s unjust to these really vulnerable birds. They are actually additionally a long-lived varieties, able to measure up to 70 years.

Make sure that the bird you intend to take home looks out, energetic, and exhibits all the signs of a well-balanced bird, such as intense eyes, clean feathers, as well as full crops.

Moluccan cockatoos (salmon-crested cockatoos) are actually tender birds that connection highly with their owners, growing on the social interaction. If you may produce the bird’s residence an aviary or even a full space, your bird will certainly be actually more pleased. Moluccan cockatoos are actually an energetic bird. Assign the bird’s out-of-cage opportunity in a risk-free, encased place where your bird won’t hurt itself or get away from the residence. Bird playthings prevent this unwanted actions, though the bird will certainly go via them promptly.